Practical training for the future in Mexico

BITZER México supports refrigeration and air-conditioning students with seminars and the participation in refrigeration trainings. For more than twelve years, these seminars and trainings have been very successful in the North American country

A lack of practical experience is a huge challenge for students around the world. Though well trained, they enter the professional world only to discover that they’re insufficiently prepared for many everyday career tasks. But it doesn’t have to be that way: BITZER México has developed free seminars and participated in Training courses to acquaint young professionals early on with the latest technical developments and practical tasks in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry.

Map of Mexico BITZER México
BITZER México has been offering several seminars in different cities for more than twelveyears already

BITZER refrigeration seminar and trainings

Members of the student organisation of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in Monterrey, Mexico, among others, have the opportunity to take part in the BITZER refrigeration training, organised by ASHRAE, which acquaints them with BITZER compressor technology. On three Saturdays, participants initially learn how the long-standing company’s reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors work and which opportunities the three technologies offer in different applications. Young professionals are also taught how to correctly diagnose flaws. Things then get really exciting at the testing facilities at BITZER México on the third day. ‘Course participants completely disassemble a reciprocating compressor in search of a flaw,’ explains Irving Grimaldo, Applications Engineering Manager at BITZER México. ‘Once the flaw has been identified and remedied, we then examine the interior of a screw compressor, with the instructors explaining to students what the different components do and answering questions.’

The BITZER refrigeration seminar, on the other hand, is not connected to a certain venue, but is offered in different locations around Mexico and is open to the public. ‘As was the case last March in Querétaro, central Mexico. Four students from the refrigeration department of Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo travelled all the way from the city of Pachuca, which is around 220 kilometres away, just to take part in the training,’ says Cecilia Treviño González, Marketing Coordinator at BITZER México.

Assuming responsibility

‘For us it’s especially important to train young professionals on modern systems and compressors. These days, sufficient capacity in refrigeration and air-conditioning applications alone just isn’t enough. The demands are higher, particularly at premium manufacturers such as BITZER. For instance, the systems also need to be efficient, eco-friendly and easy to maintain,’ explains Grimaldo. ‘We see this commitment to young people as a part of our social responsibility.’ An important aim of the seminars is to even more effectively prepare the next generation of engineers and technicians for the future – both theoretically and practically – as system complexity and thus the challenges are increasing.

For more than twelve years, BITZER México has been organising their seminars on its own with great success, and participated on training courses for the young professionals. ‘In 2017 alone, our experts helped train 75 students in several of our BITZER refrigeration seminar courses. That’s a level of popularity that we’re very pleased with and, of course, encourages us to continue,’ says Treviño González.

Well connected and experienced

Founded in 2005, the BITZER subsidiary is very well connected in the North American country. BITZER México cooperates closely with the student organisation of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers in Monterrey, Mexico, which organize the trainings with students from a variety of educational organisations in the country, including the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (FIME), and the National College of Technical Professional Education (CONALEP). ‘In this way, we establish a strong bond between industry associations and ourselves as compressor specialists, in the area of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology,’ adds Treviño González.

BITZER México organises the seminars entirely on its own. ‘Because we’ve already been arranging these seminars for more than twelve years, it goes without saying that we have a lot of experience. We know exactly what the latest developments are and where participants need the most help,’ explains Grimaldo.