Something clever inside

BITZER IQ modules make refrigeration and air-conditioning systems both intelligent and efficient: as they become even easier to maintain, users save money in the long term

No user can keep a constant eye on their refrigeration system to make sure that it is operating efficiently and reliably. That is why BITZER developed the IQ modules which are currently available for reciprocating and screw compressors. With the BEST software, compressors can therefore be operated and monitored with ease from anywhere. This ensures that the operating parameters are never anything but optimal.

BITZER IQ modules control the operation of the compressor, set the optimal cooling capacity for each application and minimise pressure fluctuations in the system. This way, they improve the efficiency of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. But the modules can do more than that: they automatically communicate the status of the compressors and monitor their application limits. BITZER has developed the modules especially for its own compressors in order to significantly expand their potential applications, for instance as they activate an additional fan as soon as the operating conditions require it.

Increasing efficiency and minimising downtime

Up to 90 per cent of all severe compressor damage can be prevented by IQ modules: the system issues a warning if the compressors start to approach their preset limits. And if the user configures them to do so, compressors can even shut themselves down automatically in emergencies. In this case, the oil heater starts automatically.

BITZER has reduced the number of cables for these IQ components, which greatly simplifies maintenance and lowers their cost. This way, investment costs pay themselves off quickly. BITZER’s IQ modules improve the efficiency of the entire systems and enhance the application limits of the compressors as they automatically adjust the cooling capacity based on the actual requirements. Additionally, they combine seamless CRII capacity control with intelligent compression process cooling by injecting refrigerants. This guarantees stable, reliable operation even in low temperature applications.

Up to




of all severe compressor
damage can be prevented
by IQ modules.

Easy to integrate and future-proof

The modules developed by BITZER are supplied ready to use and can be integrated into existing systems with ease. In particular, this is possible due to the prewired actuators and sensors. Existing systems can easily be retrofitted with IQ modules and switchboards can remain in use. Additionally, the clear cabling makes it easy to install and service the modules, cutting service costs as a result.

The perfect partnership: BITZER IQ modules and BITZER compressors

BITZER IQ MODUL: ein neues Bedienkonzept für Hubkolbenverdichter

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An overview of benefits

// Flexible remote monitoring and data readout

// Improved efficiency

// Fewer cables

// Future-proof through forwards compatibility

// Easy to maintain and install

// Highly reliable