BEST software with new features

BITZER has updated its BITZER Electronics Service Tool (BEST) operating and maintenance software: Version 2.8 has new features such as meter-reading display, a tabular breakdown of alarm messages and a wide range of statistics

The free BEST software can operate all BITZER IQ products. It enables users to view the operating status and configuration of BITZER compressors, frequency inverters and condensing units, and even provides a full troubleshooting overview.

‘The alarm help texts represent the pooled wealth of experience of BITZER.’
Tobias Hieble
Head of Electronics Application Engineering at BITZER

BITZER’s software update delivers several improvements for compressors and their electronic components. The software displays meter readings and statistics with other data log features and even lists alarm messages. As in the previous versions, the alarm help messages that describe the potential causes and solutions for each individual warning can even be viewed offline. And with a weekly program for ECOSTAR condensing units, users can configure various temperature set points and fan modes for specific days. BEST is now available in 11 languages: German, English, Chinese, Italian, French, Russian, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Estonian and Swedish. Alongside the updates, new BITZER products and refrigerants will be added to the software continuously.

User-friendly control of all BITZER IQ products with BEST software
User-friendly control of all BITZER IQ products with BEST software

If a previous version of the BEST software is already installed on the computer, it’s very easy for users to upgrade to version 2.8. All it takes is a click on the automatic update function in the lower right-hand corner of the program window. Alternatively, users can also download the current version from the BITZER website.

An explanatory video for the BEST software is also available there:

BEST for Intelligent Refrigeration Compressors

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