Customer protection with QR codes

By using security QR codes, BITZER is helping its customers to easily identify counterfeit products. In future, the specialist in refrigeration and air conditioning technology will be equipping the packaging of its spare parts with QR codes

Counterfeiters are damaging the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and are endangering users’ systems all over the world. This is because technically sophisticated machines such as BITZER compressors require precisely tailored components to function in a fail-safe manner, efficiently and powerfully. In order to provide this quality, BITZER develops spare parts alongside its compressors. To verify the authenticity of a BITZER spare part, users can simply use the BITZER SPOT App to scan the QR code on the product. By scanning the code, customers will receive all the important product information they need.

‘Even fake oil or one counterfeit spare part can damage the entire system. In order to protect customers, system operators and system planners, BITZER is now also extending its proven QR code security system to spare parts,’ says Philippe Maratuech, Director Services and After Sales at BITZER. When scanning the QR code attached to the packaging by the BITZER SPOT App, customers are given the description of the product, an image, the part number, specific safety data and direct access to the relevant documentation in the BITZER spare parts software EPARTS. ‘That’s unbeatable security for customers,’ says Philippe Maratuech.

BITZER QR code: certainly real

BITZER compressors have been equipped with the counterfeit protection QR codes for several years, and the system has proven itself many times. ‘Many customers use our QR code service and check their products as soon as they arrive,’ says Philippe Maratuech. ‘Within just a few seconds, all the important information is available. There is little effort required on the part of the user, but the protection is optimal. What’s more, original spare parts come with a guarantee and, thanks to BITZER’s global logistics network, they are quickly available all over the world. However, using counterfeit products can invalidate the guarantee for the entire system. This is a completely incalculable and unnecessary risk.’

Take a good look

The first signs of a counterfeit can often already be seen on the inadequate packaging: badly placed logos, the wrong colours or substandard boxes are the first indications. If in any doubt, customers should always get in touch with their BITZER representative or the nearest branch. Alternatively, they can send an e-mail to the following address: