Greater security for customers

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BITZER extends the warranty for its IQ products by one year free of charge. For these and other products, BITZER also offers specific extension packs in the official 2018 price list, allowing customers to extend the warranty for a period of up to five years

The name BITZER has represented quality and customer-oriented solutions for decades. The long-standing company has rightfully earned this reputation, as demonstrated by the fact that it offers warranty extension packs which exceed the legally required period of twelve months for most of its products – with additional benefits for IQ products.

As of 1 January 2018, BITZER customers benefit from one additional year of warranty for all IQ products purchased on this date or later. The compressor specialist therefore far exceeds the legally required one-year warranty and offers its customers high investment security. To extend the free warranty, all customers have to do is scan the QR code on the product and then complete the self-explanatory activation process.


year additional warranty for IQ products from 2018

BITZER IQ products such as the CM-RC-01 IQ module increase the efficiency and reliability of every system
BITZER IQ products such as the CM-RC-01 IQ module increase the efficiency and reliability of every system

Intelligence pays off

The BITZER IQ products covered by the warranty include intelligent compressors and condensing units as well as certain components such as frequency inverters and operating modules. ‘We’re confident in our abilities and know just how reliable our products with IQ technology are,’ explains Philippe Maratuech, Director of Services and After-Sales at BITZER. ‘We want to ensure that this benefits our customers as well as increase the level of trust in our intelligent solutions, which is why we’ve decided to provide an additional year of warranty for the purchase of IQ products free of charge.’

This supplementary service is available on an annual basis in many sales regions and can be extended to up to five years of total warranty, as customers can also extend the free one-year warranty on IQ products by purchasing the warranty extension pack. BITZER customers benefit from a highly flexible solution, as both the product and the warranty can be freely selected. In this way, BITZER partners can protect their compressors and condensing units, whilst offering their customers effective investment protection.