Layout tool for users: BITZER software

With the BITZER software, customers can calculate the performance data for innovative products with new refrigerants and access technical information: the latest version of the software comes with a number of new features

The BITZER selection software helps users choose the optimal solution from the wide range of products of the long-standing company quickly and accurately. This enables users to accurately configure reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors as well as condensing units and water-cooled condensers. The program also comes with extensive material such as operation diagrams, technical data, dimensional drawings and other useful information. Individually defined performance tables can even be generated, improving comparability.


The update to version 6.7.0 adds new practical features that can be used to adjust potential usage scenarios virtually. With the control panel, users can configure various parameters such as the refrigerant, motor version and reference temperature and use the calculated data to check whether the solution meets their operational requirements. ‘The software update enables users to select the ideal solution for their specific operating requirements, be it compressors with frequency inverters, condensing units or IQ modules. The BITZER software makes system configuration quick and easy,’ reports Julian Pfaffl, Head of Product Performance at BITZER. ‘Additionally, the software displays each application limit graphically. As a result, even with no special expertise, users can make an efficient, safe system selection for a variety of applications.’ For example, the software displays the performance curve for the ECOLINE+ series with LSPM motors for transcritical CO2applications and calculates the performance data of ECOLINE compressors for the refrigerants R448A and R449A. The 4BES-9 reciprocating compressor in the ECOLINE series has also been added to the software. Moreover, users can configure the IQ module CM-RC-01 for ECOLINE compressors and calculate the expanded application limits of open-drive reciprocating compressors for ammonia (NH₃) applications. BITZER has also broadened the applications of the ORBIT GSD6 scroll compressor and the selection possibilities of ORBIT tandem and trio units.

The BITZER selection software helps users choose the right systems with a range of features for:

// Configuring OSKA95 screw compressors for ammonia applications

// Configuring CSVH compact screw compressors and displaying performance data with the refrigerants R450A/R513A/R1234yf/R1234ze

// Adding FKU inverters to the VARIPACK frequency inverter series

// Configuring semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors with an external frequency inverter

// Configuring VARISPEED frequency inverters and displaying the performance data for the refrigerants R448A/R449A/R450A/R513A

// Adding the LHV5E air cooled condensing unit to the ECOSTAR series

// Configuring ECOSTAR condensing units and displaying the performance data for the refrigerants R448A/R449A/R450A/R513A