Multifaceted and exciting

The BITZER International Refrigeration Seminar (IRS) at the SCHAUFLER Academy in Rottenburg is popular with specialists the world over

Modern refrigeration technology requires specialist knowledge suitable for everyday use. Technological advancements are constantly increasing the requirements faced by contractors, users and service technicians in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sectors. BITZER therefore developed a training concept for customers and anyone interested in participating decades ago: the International Refrigeration Seminar (IRS). The four-day IRS teaches participants the basics of modern reciprocating and screw compressor technology as well as heat exchangers and pressure vessels. The programme also includes a variety of refrigerants along with their properties and the regulations that apply to them. Factory tours and a varied accompanying programme round off the training course.

Success story: the International Refrigeration Seminar

BITZER has held around 37 International Refrigeration Seminars and trained more than 1,400 participants since 2000. An English-language event is offered to an international audience, as demonstrated at the most recent IRS: 56 participants from 21 countries travelled to Rottenburg, Germany, to take part in the training course in March 2017. One of the 56 participants was 34-year-old Ren Jupi-Igbeka from Nigeria, who is Head of Contracts and Assets at the Nigerian service and maintenance company Geoscape Limited, located in Lagos: ‘I couldn’t be happier that I was able to attend the BITZER International Refrigeration Seminar. We were introduced to BITZER a few years ago through one of our customers. Harjeet Chhatwal, Technical Sales Manager at BITZER Nigeria, told me about the IRS and helped me with the organisation. And for that I’m very thankful to him. The course was very well organised, the concept coherent and the content enriching. Because the course directors had prepared the information to be practical and easy to understand, I was able to learn a lot, including about the ECOSTAR condensing unit, BEST software and performance statistics in general.’

56 participants from 21 countries travelled to Rottenburg, Germany, to take part in the training course in March 2017
56 participants from 21 countries travelled to Rottenburg, Germany, to take part in the training course in March 2017

More than just a specialist seminar

Jupi-Igbeka, who is responsible for relationship management, new business and strategy and brand management, was also delighted with the event’s accompanying programme: ‘Over those four days, I not only received specialist training, but also learned a great deal on a more personal level – thanks to the exceptional accompanying programme. I spent a pleasant evening speaking to participants from Italy, Mexico, Israel, Kenya, Colombia, Austria and Serbia. We found that we have a lot in common personally and culturally and learned new things. The programme showed me just how varied and exciting the world is. And the wonderful atmosphere made it all possible: I always felt welcome throughout my stay and am amazed at how friendly people in Germany are and how beautiful the country is.’

A new event – the IRS Symposium

The IRS Symposium, which was held for the first time in June 2017 and is less technologically focused than the IRS, is a new event format. Its agenda included the general market situation, digitalization, refrigerants and many other topics. One highlight was the presentation on the efficient use of resources given by Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, the internationally renowned natural scientist and former director of the UN Centre for Science and Technology.

Participation made easy

BITZER assists participants with visas, hotel bookings and transfers within Germany. The company also covers the costs of accommodation, the seminar, food and the general programme. Visitors only have to cover their own travel costs. The first points of contact for anyone interested are the subsidiaries of BITZER.