BITZER SPOT app – always covered

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With the free BITZER SPOT app, customers can check the authenticity of all BITZER products. Additionally, users of the software benefit from the permanent availability of the full documentation for every product

The BITZER SPOT app has been designed for mobile Android and iOS applications in order to check the authenticity of all BITZER products – easily, directly and at any location. The BITZER SPOT app has been available to download free of charge from the App Store and Google Play store since August 2018. In this app, BITZER is providing its customers with effective protection against product piracy. System failures due to cheap counterfeits and high follow-up costs are no longer a problem for BITZER customers. Users merely have to scan the QR code on the product to check instantly whether they are in possession of BITZER quality.

Product information

Likewise, by scanning the QR code, the app offers customers a wide range of useful features: For example, when a QR code is scanned, it automatically displays the full documentation for the product. Users can add this information to their favourites, download it and share it. This means that BITZER customers can access their documents even in offline mode. With an intuitive filter, any document can be found quickly and easily.

Smartphone with BITZER SPOT App
The new BITZER SPOT App enables users to verify the authenticity of their BITZER product and contains extensive documentation

Valuable contacts

The convenient site directory is also really helpful: the SPOT app knows the addresses and contact details of all BITZER and Green Point locations as well as of all certified dealers and distributors. Users can place calls directly from the app, send emails and add the data to their address book. If a user has activated location services, the app will sort the information by subject group and by distance, for example the distance to the chosen service centre. The software’s route-planning feature will then show the shortest route to the destination. Alternatively, customers can also manually access the contact details of the BITZER and Green Point sites as well as of the partner – and of course the BITZER COMPACT magazine!