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Since early 2018, customers have been able to extend the warranties for almost all BITZER products by up to five years at a low price. The company even offers a free one-year extended warranty for all IQ products purchased in 2018. This option has impressed users all over the world, including in the UK, India and Indonesia

BITZER customers have been enjoying exceptional cover since early 2018. Users can now extend the warranties for almost all of the products of the long-standing company by up to five years for a fraction of their cost. In doing so, BITZER is providing its customers with the greatest possible flexibility as the type and length of the warranty are freely selectable. A one-year extended warranty is even available for all IQ products purchased since the start of the year – free and simple – including ECOSTAR condensing units, OS.95, CS.105 and CSV screw compressors as well as various IQ reciprocating compressors and products relating to external VARIPACK frequency inverters. Customers merely have to scan the QR code on their product and will then be directed to the self-explanatory activation procedure.

A BITZER HyperPac refrigerates


tonnes of goods reliably and efficiently.

Safety on board when out at sea

The BITZER extended warranty has, for one, impressed the new customer CTS Offshore and Marine Ltd. Established in 2006, this globally active company maintains and repairs ship equipment on all of the world’s oceans. At sea, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems are exposed to fluctuating loads. They have to operate well in all climatic conditions, which is why CTS Offshore and Marine Ltd. relies on BITZER quality and decided to extend the warranty.

In 2018, the company extended the warranty for its CSH compact screw compressors for two years beyond the minimum legal requirement in specific regions. ‘Initially, an Asian subsidiary of CTS Offshore and Marine Ltd submitted the enquiry to BITZER Singapore. However, as the headquarters of the company are in London, BITZER UK took over and extended the warranty for the high-quality compressors,’ says Kevin Glass, Managing Director BITZER UK. ‘Operating in marine refrigeration systems, our efficient CSH series demonstrates its diverse range of potential applications. The compact screw compressors are designed for universal applications in air cooled liquid chillers and heat pumps.’

Nine BITZER condensing units outside of a food factory in Chennai, India
Concentrated power for low temperature food cooling at –28 degrees Celsius

High performance in extreme conditions

Southern Refrigeration Systems Pvt Ltd has been a customer of BITZER India since 2012. Established in 2009, the company is one of the market leaders in the installation and maintenance of cold stores in Asia. In the first quarter of 2018, the customer, based in Chennai on the east coast of southern India, extended the warranties for two BITZER condensing units with VARIPACK frequency inverters.

Harvinder Bhatia

‘In the extreme climate in Chennai, refrigeration systems do a lot of heavy lifting.’


Harvinder Bhatia
Managing Director BITZER India
A BITZER HyperPac system stands in a hall in Indonesia
Cool even in tropical temperatures: BITZER HyperPac in Chennai (available solely in selected regions)

Reliably and efficiently cooling food is a challenging prospect in the sixth-largest city in India with 6.5 million inhabitants. The climate there is warm and wet all year round. The average temperature was 33 degrees Celsius in May whereas in January, the coldest month, it was 24 degrees Celsius. ‘In the extreme climate in Chennai, refrigeration systems do a lot of heavy lifting,’ says Harvinder Bhatia, Managing Director of BITZER India. ‘Built by Refrigeration Systems Pvt Ltd and equipped with our condensing units including VARIPACK frequency inverters, the system freezes crabs and butter in an application which requires temperature standards to be adhered to with absolute precision.’ Refrigeration Systems Pvt Ltd therefore selected the intelligent IQ condensing units from BITZER, which provide outstanding efficiency in part-load operation: The refrigeration system has to reliably maintain a temperature of minus 28 degrees Celsius for evaporation applications, otherwise the goods cannot be sold.

Performance and efficiency in Indonesia

Business partners in Southeast Asia are also very interested in the extended warranty. The Indonesian company PT Jakarta Sereal, for example, imports and exports foodstuffs such as beans, peas, millet, cereals and fruits. In order to store the goods in optimal conditions at all times, PT Jakarta Sereal operates a series of cold stores and relies on BITZER quality at its operating sites in Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. In 2018, PT Jakarta Sereal extended the warranties for the products in Semarang of the long-standing company.

BITZER HyperPac system with three HSK screw compressors in Indonesia
The BITZER HyperPac in operation: a modular system with three screw compressors (available solely in selected regions)

Home to around 1.3 million inhabitants, the city is situated on the north coast of Java, around 460 km away from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. A modular system comprising three HSK screw compressors is in operation there – known as a HyperPac, a BITZER product solely available in selected regions. The semi-hermetic HSK screw compressors are designed for air-conditioning and medium temperature applications and their designs make them ideal for parallel compounding. Dina Natalia, Surabaya Branch Manager of BITZER Compressors Indonesia, states: ‘The BITZER HyperPac in Semarang provides enough capacity to refrigerate 2,000 tonnes of goods reliably and efficiently. The system comprises 15 evaporator units for the 15 cold stores.’

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