New update for BEST software from BITZER

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The specialist for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology has updated its free service software BITZER Electronics Service Tool (BEST). The software provides users with a complete overview of the operating status, configuration and troubleshooting of BITZER compressors, frequency inverters and condensing units. The long-standing company released the revised version 2.9 with new features in August

The BEST software from BITZER makes it significantly easier for service technicians to commission, monitor and maintain compressors and electronic components. With the tool, for example, device parameters can be configured quickly and easily, faults can be analysed, performance data can be displayed and firmware can be updated. BEST also supports users in running their systems efficiently and securely. The compressor specialist updated the software in August: the revised version 2.9 is now available with enhanced functionality free of charge.

Laptop, der die Benutzeroberfläche von BEST zeigt
BITZER hat seine BEST Software im August aktualisiert

Complete documentation and help texts
Version 2.9 of the BEST software features a new documentation tab containing the full documentation for Modbus RTU. All component parameters can be read via Modbus and digital inputs can be queried. Likewise, Modbus RTU can be used to visualise the system and read out error messages.

The specialists at the long-standing company have also completed the list of available alarms and the corresponding help texts and have added them to the new documentation tab. This means that the BEST software now contains help texts for all BITZER products. BEST also contains a history of all firmware versions and all previous releases.

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Product innovations already built in
BITZER has also integrated its new ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT scroll compressors, ECOLINE+ reciprocating compressors and the proven OS.A85 screw compressors into the new version. Users can even select more compressors and refrigerants for the external VARIPACK frequency inverters and the CM-RC-01 IQ module. Another new feature is that the BEST software helps with the installation of ECOSTAR LHV6 condensing units which are designed for sustainable operation with environmentally friendly refrigerants. The update also includes the expanded application limits and the new firmware for the BITZER CSV series of screw compressors. The software is now also available in Korean, bringing the total number of available languages up to 12.

BEST software – perfect service for intelligent products

The BEST software (BITZER Electronics Service Tool) is available for free and has an operating concept that is as clear as it is intuitive. With the BEST software, compressors with IQ modules can easily be configured for the chosen refrigerant, and a comprehensive overview can be gained of the operating status, configuration and troubleshooting of BITZER compressors, frequency inverters and condensing units. The database in the BEST software includes all the refrigerants that can be selected in the software. In addition, users can have the BEST software display operating data, counters and statistics graphically or list them in tabular form (e.g. via Bluetooth).

Download the update quickly and easily
If the previous version of the BEST software is already installed on your computer, you can update the software easily using its automatic update function. When you open the previous version, you will see the ‘Update’ option in the lower right-hand corner. Alternatively, the update can be downloaded from the BITZER website. The website also contains a video explaining the most important features of the BEST software.