Reliable and efficient: BITZER Ammonia Compressor Packs

The BITZER Ammonia Compressor Packs (ACPs) boast exceptional capability wherever industrial cooling is required – whether at an ice factory, an ice rink or a brewery. They’re not only reliable and efficient, but also use ammonia as a refrigerant, making them the ideal option for environmentally conscious companies

Cool in any situation

Reliable cooling takes top priority when it comes to temperature-sensitive goods such as dairy and meat products and vaccines, which is why BITZER ACPs are equipped with multiple relevant components and intelligent control. Up to three powerful BITZER screw compressors per ACP unit maintain operations around the clock. Whilst the ACP LINK actively manages the application range and coordinates independent compressor units, the dual-sensor technology ensures uninterrupted processes. The ACP LINK also ensures the compressors are run at their efficiency sweet point at all times ensuring low life cycle costs.

Multiple compressors also offer a benefit when it comes to system maintenance: while one compressor is being serviced, the other two remain ready-to-operate, thus preventing downtime and minimising life cycle costs in the part load range. Even in the event of a machine malfunction, sufficient capacity is guaranteed, thus preventing loss in capacity and production downtime.

BITZER ACPs are mass-produced and come fully assembled, which means they can be installed and commissioned in no time and with minimal support. They achieve a cooling capacity of up to 3 MW (–10/35°C) and consist of compressors, motors, oil separators, an optional oil circuit, control units and frequency inverters. The carefully developed mechanical design also makes the compressor unit exceptionally service-friendly, as all the components are easy to reach.

ACR News, one of the leading trade magazines for refrigeration and air conditioning in the UK, named the BITZER ACPs ‘Refrigeration Product of the Year’ in March 2019. And for good reason, as BITZER incorporates extensive knowledge and more than 40 years of experience with ammonia applications into the solution.

As a refrigerant, ammonia is ideal for industrial refrigeration systems in food production and warehouses, as it boasts high energy efficiency and outstanding thermodynamic qualities. In addition, ammonia doesn’t have any global warming or ozone depletion potential (zero GWP and ODP) and is thus a future-safe solution for responsible companies.

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