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BITZER and the SCHAUFLER Academy are offering another free online refrigeration seminar for the general public: "Reliably cool – how refrigeration works and helps us" takes place on 8 September 2021 – this time in English

Many vaccines, such as some of Covid-19 vaccines, must be stored at minus 70 to minus 80 degrees Celsius, while others remain stable at refrigerator temperatures. For example, 40 per cent of the world’s vaccines are unusable because they do not experience reliable refrigeration in many parts of the world. And also most foods only remain fresh and edible if they are stored and transported at optimal temperatures.

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Refrigeration is not a luxury

Refrigeration is not a luxury, it is the basis for many processes in our modern world. Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food spoil every year because refrigeration chains around the world do not function properly. That is enough food to feed 950 million people – about one eighth of the world’s population. If cold chains around the globe functioned perfectly, no one on earth would have to go hungry. Reason enough to take a closer look at the subject. The refrigeration specialist from BITZER and the SCHAUFLER Academy Volker Stamer explains the importance of refrigeration in a generally understandable way in the free online refrigeration seminar “Reliably cool – how refrigeration works and helps us”. After all, many things in daily life as we know it only work because of refrigeration and air conditioning technology that does its job reliably and invisibly in the background.

Grab the chance to learn a lot about the fascinating world of refrigeration, including the history of refrigeration technology, the functional principles of refrigeration circuits and systems by the use of well-known examples such as household refrigerators and bicycles.

Reliably cool – how refrigeration works and helps us
on 8 September 2021 from 5.00 to 7.00 pm (CEST)

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Since the online refrigeration seminar is presented in a generally understandable way, it is especially interesting for curious people outside the industry – so feel free to tell friends and acquaintances about this offer. First come, first serve: the online refrigeration seminar is limited to 500 participants.

By also taking part in the seminar quiz, participants get the chance to win one of these great prizes:

  1. AirPods Pro with BITZER engraving
  2. AirPods with BITZER engraving
  3. A trendy winter cap from Eisbär to perfectly protect you from cold temperatures
The SCHAUFLER Academy, BITZER's international training and education centre is 1,500 square metres in size and offers modern trainings, education and online seminars on the most important and current refrigeration and air conditioning technology topics. Image: BFK Architekten

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