Treevial Pursuit: play our Service Game and win trees

Let’s make the world a little greener! Not only with BITZER products but by planting trees: by participating in the BITZER and Green Point Service Game you will contribute to the preservation of our environment, as according to your ranking a certain number of new trees will be donated and planted

Join in at the BITZER and Green Point Service Game: here you will find twelve short stories about different countries in connection with refrigeration technology and services of Green Point and BITZER as well as a question with multiple choice answers. For those who make it into the winner’s ranking with their score, BITZER will plant trees through the organisation Treedom. This campaign supports small farmers in Africa: they receive the trees as a gift, plant them and can later sell their fruits to supplement their income. All trees have their own small online profile, which is maintained by the farmers and can be followed by us via

Let’s see how it’s done:

What is it about?

This is a web game containing 12 little quizzes, each of which contains a refrigeration case and a service solution from a specific country. You need to answer a multiple choice question in order to collect as many points as possible.

What to do to win a tree?

Please register under this link and confirm your registration. You will then receive another link by e-mail. This will take you to the game where you click on the countries, answer the questions and collect as many points as possible. Each question can only be answered once. Multiple answers might be correct. You will see if you are ranking in the Top 10 after answering all questions. The higher the ranking, the more trees BITZER will donate to farmers in Kenya on your behalf. If you are one of the lucky winners, we will contact you. You can then redeem your prize on the Treedom website and watch your tree grow and thrive from a distance.

Why planting trees?

Trees absorb CO2 and bind it long term. New plantings will not only compensate CO2 emissions from our atmosphere, but will also help the farmers who plant the trees as they can sell the trees’ fruits to improve their income

You can play and win until the end of October 2020. Good luck!


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