Win with our BITZER Digital Network

Here in COMPACT magazine you can already find many articles about the BITZER Digital Network (BDN), with which BITZER has created a digital platform for data analysis and plant optimization for its customers. And now the BDN may even help you to get your hands on a completely different digital tool – because we are giving away these attractive prizes from all the correct entries:

1st place prize: an iPad Air
2nd place prize: an Apple Watch
3rd place prize: a HomePod mini

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If you have read the last COMPACT articles, it should not be difficult for you to answer our competition questions:

1- What  does BITZER DIGITAL NETWORK (BDN) provide?

a) 360 degree information on BITZER products

b) Digital services based on the live data of the connected BITZER products

c) Both

2- Which BITZER products can be registered in BDN?

a) Compressors

b) Condensing Units

c) Pressure vessels

d) All BITZER products

3- IoT based services are available for

a) Compressors

b) BITZER IQ products

c) Condensing Units

4- Where is the data provided by the connected devices stored?

a) In the Cloud

b) In the IQ module

c) On a USB stick

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How to participate:

Please send your answer key by e-mail to by 30.11.2021. Your personal data (first and last name, e-mail address and home address) must be included. The answer key consists of the number of the question and the letter of the solution – according to the scheme 5a, 6b, 7c, 8d. Please read the complete conditions of participation here before taking part.

Good luck!

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