BITZER supports Chillventa eSpecial

Chillventa, the refrigeration and air conditioning trade fair, will be held exclusively in digital form for the first time. Refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump specialists around the world will be coming together for the Chillventa eSpecial online event from 13 to 15 October

BITZER will be presenting a varied programme at Chillventa eSpecial, with webinars, digital product presentations, the traditional Chillventa press conference and private customer meetings.

When the biennial Chillventa trade fair in Nuremberg was cancelled due to COVID-19, BITZER redesigned its trade fair concept and will, of course, appear at Chillventa eSpecial. The refrigeration and air conditioning specialist designed the entire event around the motto #THISISBITZER and, for the online participants, developed a comprehensive programme with a focus on energy efficiency, user-friendliness and refrigerants. The BITZER Refrigerant Report 21 has also been published just in time for Chillventa eSpecial. For more than 30 years now, the report has represented a key source of information for the entire refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

One of the highlights of Chillventa eSpecial will be the BITZER webinars. At five German and five English events, the long-standing company’s experts will be presenting the most important information about new products, services, refrigerants, digitalization and training courses at the SCHAUFLER Academy. The traditional BITZER Chillventa press conference will also be held in 2020. This year, the BITZER management team will be answering the questions from journalists via live stream.

Digital product presentations

BITZER product presentations will be the focus of its digital trade fair appearance. And in the field of reciprocating compressors, Chillventa and press conference participants can look forward to a world first in CO2 applications.

BITZER has developed its semi-hermetic HS.95 compact screw compressors further – in addition to significant increases in efficiency, they are now also suitable for use with low-GWP refrigerants. The ORBIT FIT (Flexible Injection Technology) scroll compressors feature economiser technology which significantly increases efficiency and capacity across all air conditioning applications, including industrial heat pumps. A special version of ORBIT scroll compressor is also approved for use with low-GWP refrigerants in the A2L R454B, R452B and R32 categories.

The new ECOLITE 2.0 condensing units are now available, with important new features such as improvements to the controller and approval for use with the A2L refrigerants R1234ze/yf, R455A and R454C. One of the new functions is the oil return feature, which ensures reliable and efficient operation.

BITZER Ammonia Compressor Packs (ACPs) use ammonia as a natural refrigerant, which doesn’t have any global warming or ozone depletion potential (GWP and ODP 0). Its high energy efficiency and outstanding thermodynamic properties make ammonia the ideal solution for ice rinks, warehouses and larger systems in the food industry. BITZER ACPs offer a cooling capacity of up to 3 MW (–10/35 °C).

Green BITZER Ammonia Compressor Pack (ACP)
BITZER Ammonia Compressor Packs (ACPs) are available in a capacity range from 200 to 4,500 kW

BITZER WGC gas coolers are a new range of liquid-cooled heat exchangers. WGCs come in a variety of sizes and lengths and are designed for applications in commercial refrigeration and light industrial refrigeration in particular. WGCs can be used as gas coolers, heat recovery-based heat exchangers and condensers – all in transcritical CO2 applications.

The BITZER SQD models are the most efficient dry expansion evaporators currently available on the market, thanks to their unique square design and patented refrigerant distribution system. The SQD models are also flexible in terms of refrigerant and design and can be operated with all conventional refrigerants and with refrigerants featuring low global warming potential such as HFC/HFO blends and HFOs.

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