World Refrigeration Day 2021: Cool Careers for a Better World

On 26 June 2021, the time will have come again for World Refrigeration Day, the coolest day in the industry’s calendar. Its theme this year is ‘Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World’ – and BITZER will certainly be there to show how diverse working in the refrigeration sector can be

For the third time in a row, BITZER is supporting World Refrigeration Day 2021 which falls on 26 June each year, the date of birth of the physicist and inventor of the thermodynamic temperature scale William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin. The refrigeration and air conditioning industry has been using this day to draw attention to its importance since 2019. Be it in food production, pharmaceuticals or logistics involving heat-sensitive products, refrigeration technology is needed everywhere to maintain optimal conditions.

Cool colleagues

The complex machines that provide this cooling are developed, manufactured, assembled and maintained by BITZER, where experts in all of these processes do their best every day. Many of them have been working at BITZER for a long time, such as the industrial mechanics trainer Thomas Geißler: ‘I started out as a trainee and am now a trainer myself. The subject of refrigeration technology gave me several opportunities to grow and keeps on inspiring me every day.’

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Martínez, Technical Manager at BITZER Spain, is also keenly aware of the diversity of refrigeration: ‘The mix of technology and mechanics makes my job particularly interesting and versatile – all wheels must mesh smoothly.’ However, the expertise of BITZER goes far beyond compressors and also covers heat exchangers, pressure vessels, intelligent electronics, maintenance and digitalization. While the significance of sophisticated, environmentally friendly air conditioning is indeed growing in the industry, it is also becoming increasingly important in the context of climate change: refrigeration and air conditioning is a booming market that is continually investing in the development of new, even more environmentally friendly systems. The range of products manufactured by the industry even includes heat pumps which draw energy from residual heat or waste water; they are an ideal solution on the road to sustainable energy generation.

Global demand for such solutions is growing steadily – systems like these are even essential for lots of people, not least when it comes to cooling vaccines. Ana-Marija Jurina and Li Zhiwei value this aspect of their jobs in particular: ‘I find it great that as an application engineer, I can really help people on a daily basis – especially in an industry that is needed worldwide’, explains Ana-Marija Jurina. ‘Creating products that add real value to people’s daily lives makes me happy’, says Li Zhiwei, a production worker from China, with pride.

Expertise for the sector

The machines used to generate cooling and in industrial heat pumps are complex pieces of technology. BITZER opened the SCHAUFLER Academy in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen in 2016 to keep employees in the sector up to date.

The industry shows how diverse it is on this year’s Refrigeration Day with the theme ‘Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World’
The industry shows how diverse it is on this year’s Refrigeration Day with the theme ‘Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better World’

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