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Double the success in the United States

Around 300 members of staff manufacture reciprocating and screw compressors at Flowery Branch and Syracuse in the United States – both factories moved to larger production facilities in 2013

Kältetechnik für den zarten Schmelz
Bild: GettyImages/mikdam

Refrigeration for delectable melting chocolate

When it comes to producing chocolate, maintaining precisely defined production conditions along with strict hygiene requirements is extremely important. Chocolate manufacturing is a highly technical...


Always ready in Asia

Three countries, three success stories: BITZER reciprocating compressors defy a wide range of operating conditions and are high in demand in Asia, including in Vietnam, Indonesia and India

Nachmacher enttarnen
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Exposing imitators

Be it clothing, bags or machines, virtually every successful product and high-quality brand has been imitated by product counterfeiters. But unlike cheap copies of suits,...

Counterfeit lubricants in circulation

The audacity of product pirates knows no bounds: counterfeiters in Asia are applying the name and logo of BITZER to imitation refrigeration compressor oil

Image: GettyImages/suphakit73
Image: GettyImages/suphakit73

Real added value: BITZER electronics for users

Efficiency, reliability and a full service – BITZER provides its customers with completely new options with modern electronics and will soon support the full life cycle of its products

Multifaceted and exciting

The BITZER International Refrigeration Seminar (IRS) at the SCHAUFLER Academy in Rottenburg is popular with specialists the world over

‘Engineers often have a solution up their sleeve’

The world-renowned natural scientist Professor Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker gave a well-attended presentation on efficient energy use at the first BITZER IRS Symposium. In an interview with COMPACT, he calls for politicians and the public to change their concept of energy

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